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What does AGP do?

About AGP

With a strong focus on kindness, safety, and reliable work, Andrew Gleeson Plumbing is constantly focused on being a better company tomorrow, than it was today. Ever since AGP’s inception in 2006, a clear goal was established, to provide quality plumbing to Brisbane. Now, having worked with the leading builders in Queensland and completed the plumbing for over 10’000 houses, they are providing that quality daily. The motto, “For Safe, Reliable Plumbing” serves as a reminder of why the company was started and what the end goal is every day. AGP currently has a team of over 80 people, all making sure the highest quality of plumbing is achieved.

Why do we do it?

Our Focus and Vision

Our focus is providing an environment that fosters growth both personally and professionally for every employee. Since a company is only as good as its employees, that is where the most time and effort should be going. AGP recognises this and has a strong focus on fellowship and community throughout the company, helping our employees be the best they can be. This focus comes to fruition through our plumbing work, with our employees constantly creating quality plumbing jobs every day.


Our vision is to continue working for the top builders in Queensland, with an increased focus on safety and reliability at all times. Our end goal is simple, to be a better business tomorrow than yesterday.

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